If you want to make something people love, you need to love the people you're making it for.

We design & build digital products, services, and companies that start with people at the centre.

We love people and make things people love.

Successful products and companies follow that order; listen to and understand the people you serve before you try building something for them.

Our goal is to enable entrepreneurs and organisations to test their ideas early, learn about their users/customers, and iterate without wasting time and money.

We're able to move quickly from an idea to prototype, to launch, and beyond.

We're from the real world.

We understand what it takes to build a startup/product longterm. In our past lives, we've created SaaS (Software as a Service) products and apps that are used every day by people in governments, international organisations, businesses, and communities.

The lessons we've learned aren't theoretical. They're hard won through practical experience.

We're good at asking questions that lead you to great answers.

As well as practical help, we provide design and business consultancy to a wide range of companies; from financial institutions to food trucks.

We don't assume to know more about your business, product, or customer than you do. Instead, we draw out the wisdom already there, hidden below the surface.

Whether you're an entrepreneur with an idea, a startup with an existing product, or an established organisation who wants to innovate, we’d love to talk to you.

Email sam@homamo.co to get started.