HomamoDigital Product Studio

We help companies design and build software that connects with their customers and grows their business.

If you want to make something people love, you need to love the people you’re making it for.

Our goal is to create useful, usable, and joyful products that positively impact the world. We believe strong companies love the people they serve, and work hard to make them look good.

As experts in product strategy, design, user experience, and developing digital products, we translate new ideas and technology into something people recognise and love.

Is your product connecting with the people you've built it for?

Homamo can help you create more value for your customers and your company longterm. Discover hidden product issues, design solutions, and implement lasting change.

  • Customer development

    Identify and focus on the customer your product serves. Understand their real life and experience, and find the most valuable problems to solve.

  • Product management

    Define a clear product strategy and focused roadmap that supports your wider sales and marketing strategy and builds value for your customers.

  • User experience

    Love the people who use your product and design simple, powerful, and understandable solutions to their complex problems.

  • Design & Development

    From designing a first working prototype through to building a reliable application, we craft digital products with care and attention to detail.

Homamo was founded by Samuel Goudie to serve companies who build products and help them create lasting value.

Through his experience as a designer, startup founder, and building software used by governments, businesses, and people across the world, Sam saw the unique challenges that entrepreneurs and companies face every day.

Homamo now serves a wide range of companies and organisations that love people; from brand new financial institutions to education platforms, all who share a common goal of building a software product that people understand, invest in, and love to use.

If you’d like to talk to us about your product, idea, or anything else, email hello@homamo.co

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