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Startups fail when they don’t have a clear product strategy

No market demand

They launch a product that no-one wants or will pay for

Failure to launch

They try to design the ‘perfect’ product and never get to revenue

Unfocused growth

They build features without a plan and confuse customers

We design software so you can build a business

Book a free consultation20-minute video call • No obligation

Our process supports you at three key stages in your business

1. Validate your idea

4-6 weeks
  • Focus on a specific customer and connect with them to learn about your market.
  • Understand their problem and whether you can build a business on solving it.
  • Test your solution before investing in building a full product.

2. Launch your product

3-6 months
  • Attract your first customers before you start building your product.
  • Design and build your product with a clear strategy and launch date.
  • Release your product to your waiting customers and get your company to revenue.

3. Grow your company

  • Understand customer feedback and use qualified insights to inform your product roadmap.
  • Focus your product strategy on what will move your business forward.
  • Improve your onboarding and develop new features that help you grow.

We care about founders and want to help them realise their vision of a successful company

“We were lacking clarity which was stopping us moving forward. Homamo helped us to focus our thinking and communicate our vision with love and joy.

I felt they genuinely loved us and our product.”

Ben Joakim
CEO & Cofounder of Disberse

“Homamo helped us understand our different customer segments and refocused our product around them.

We’re now confident that new users will have a great first experience and need less support to get started.”

Lee Sharma
CEO & Founder of Simply Do

“Working with Homamo is different; they have a startup mentality and share our values.

We’re now ready to launch an incredible product that will transform our industry.”

Lee Flavin
Founder of RateSwitch & AccelerateMyMortgage
Book a free consultation20-minute video call • No obligation

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Book a free consultation20-minute video call • No obligation