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Startups fail when they don’t keep their product focused

No feedback

They stop trying to understand what their customers really need

No strategy

They build features that don’t move the business forward

No improvement

They stop improving their product after launch and lose customers

We help you find direction after launch and so your company can grow

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Our Grow plan is an ongoing process that supports you as you build a business on your product

1. Understand customer feedback

  • Collect feedback from sales meetings, support requests, and every customer interaction.
  • Identify problems to solve and their importance to your customer.
  • Use qualified insights to inform your roadmap and product strategy.

2. Focus your product strategy

  • Identify and prioritise your strategic goals.
  • Develop a product roadmap that supports the growth of your business.
  • Plan development resources and coordinate with your sales and marketing teams more effectively.

3. Improve your product

  • Onboard new customers to help them see the value quickly and become promoters.
  • Design, test, and launch new features that help customers achieve their goals.
  • Ensure your product remains focused as your company grows and gets ready to scale.

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“Homamo helped us understand our different customer segments and refocused our product around them.

We’re now confident that new users will have a great first experience and need less support to get started.”

Lee Sharma
CEO & Founder of Simply Do
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