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Startups fail when they don’t have a clear launch plan

No audience

They start marketing their product once they’ve built it

Expensive and slow

They work with a traditional agency who doesn’t understand startups

Never finished

They add features that aren’t essential to getting to revenue

We help you design a focused product and launch it to a waiting list of customers

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Our Launch plan usually takes 3-6 months to get to revenue with a market-ready product

1. Attract your first customers

  • We create a ‘lean’ brand that allows you to start presenting to potential customers.
  • We create a simple landing page that allows users to sign up to be notified when you launch.
  • Get coaching and support communicating the value of your product.

2. Design and build your product

  • Focus your first version (MVP) with a clear strategy and launch date.
  • We’ll design a useful and usable product your first customers will love.
  • Build a market-ready product with one of our trusted development partners.

3. Get your company to revenue

  • Release your product to a waiting list of potential customers ready to convert.
  • We help you create a support strategy to help users get the most from your product.
  • Get ready to move on to Grow and develop a feedback process and product roadmap.

Already launched and not sure what to do next? Our Grow plan is for you.

“Working with Homamo is different; they have a startup mentality and share our values.

We’re now ready to launch an incredible product that will transform our industry.”

Lee Flavin
Founder of RateSwitch & AccelerateMyMortgage
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